Hidden Northumberland: Cockle Park Pele Tower

This morning (10th February 2017), I was at Cockle Park Farm sampling for the research project I am currently working on at Newcastle University. The farm is private property owned by Newcastle University. It is both a commercial and research institution. Among the farm buildings is the 16th-Century Pele Tower.

Cockle Park Pele Tower.jpg

Since 30th January 1986 it has been Grade I Listed by English Heritage (now Historic England). Constructed around 1520, it is a 3-storey fortification (with later additions/alterations). The south bay has been completely remodelled. It was built at a time when border warfare was rife between Scotland and England.

The tower is thought to have been built for Sir William, 4th Lord Ogle before passing to the Bothal Estates whose later owners became Dukes of Portland. In the 19th-Century it became the centre of the Duke’s experimental farm. On the east bay is the eroded remains of an armorial panel depicting the Bertram family crest quartering the Ogle family crest.

Please note that this is private property and visits should be arranged through the farm manager (see: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/afrd/staff/unit/cocklepark/).


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