365 Day Photograph Challenge: Day 43

A cold, wet, and miserable day on Sunday 12th February 2017. I took a walk up to my local parish church (St Mary) to do some photography. I was quite keen to replicate a photograph I took a year ago during very similar weather conditions. It has been a really useful exercise to see how my skills have progressed in the last twelve months.

12 Feb.JPG

St Mary’s Church, Morpeth, 12th February 2017


St Mary’s Church, Morpeth, 14th February 2016

A year ago, I was shooting handheld and in poor light it is not possible to expose the photograph long enough. Many areas of this photograph were out of focus, so to try and make this look deliberate, I increased the blur in these areas. However, the overall effect was unsatisfactory despite the photograph being quite atmospheric.

One year on, I had the tripod out, and I had the camera wrapped up in a make-shift waterproof cover made out of a Sainsbury’s carrier bag… it worked! The camera stayed dry. I may invest in a one use waterproof cover that I can stow in the camera bag, but, I don’t intend to make it a habit doing photography in the freezing cold and lashing rain. I’m much more pleased with this year’s attempt. It only needed minimal editing in paint.net.

The camera settings were as follows:

  • 3/5 sec exposure
  • f/11 24 mm
  • ISO 200

Compare this with last year’s camera settings:

  • 1/125 sec exposure
  • f/5.6 20 mm
  • ISO 200

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