365 Day Photograph Challenge: Day 63

Bothal Castle at Dusk


Bothal Castle lies in what feels like a hidden valley. In truth it is only a mile or so downstream from Morpeth on the River Wansbeck, but it feels like it is in retreat from the world. The surviving castle, gatehouse and curtain wall are medieval. It was restored in the 19th century and is the private residence of the Cavendish-Bentinck family.

I hope to do a Hidden Northumberland segment on Bothal village as a whole when I have more photographs. The (former workers’) cottages are very quaint and the parish church can trace its origins to Anglo-Saxon times (with some surviving material of this age). The village’s war memorial is located outside the church and is flanked by a weeping ash (representing the tears of the bereaved) and a gorgeous Japanese maple that turns flame red in the autumn (symbolising the blood of the dead).

In the mean time, here is the castle at dusk on 4th March 2017.

04 March (2).jpg

Bothal Castle, Northumberland, 4th March 2017

Almost a year ago, I took a very similar photograph of this scene. However, I was shooting hand-held in poor light and the resulting photograph was not as satisfactory as I would have liked. Like the earlier post on St Mary’s Church, Morpeth, I went back and had a look at my earlier work to see how my skills have improved. I’m quite pleased with my progress as the colour and detail are better one year on.

29 April 2016.jpg

Bothal Castle, Northumberland, 29th April 2016

Comparison of Camera Settings:


  • 1/15 sec exposure
  • f/5.6 55 mm
  • ISO 800


  • 10 sec exposure
  • f/5.6 73 mm
  • ISO 200

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