365 Day Photograph Challenge: Day 75

Practice makes (almost) perfect.


I attempted to do a night time photograph of Morpeth Court House (built 1822) on 6th March. However, by the time I got set up, it was already too dark. As it was dark, I had to increase the aperture size and shorten the exposure time. Also, the camera sensor and lenses badly needed cleaning. The quality of the image was consequently impaired. My first effort looked a bit like this:

06 March

Morpeth Court House, 6th March 2017

Camera Settings:

  • 10 sec exposure
  • f/8 18 mm
  • ISO 200

10 days later, I was back for round two. This time I managed to get set up earlier in the evening. Also, 16th March was a completely clear evening which gave good conditions for improving the shoot. The colours of the twilight after sunset were very vivid. I experimented with different white balance settings to get the right effect.

SG1S2691 (3).jpg

The headlights are slightly yellow in this rendering. Additionally, the tail lights aren’t very vivid.

  • 30 sec exposure
  • f/27 23 mm
  • ISO 200

16 March.JPG

Getting better…

  • 30 sec exposure
  • f/27 23 mm
  • ISO 200

SG1S2696 (2).JPG

Best… Although the court house might be slightly out of focus.

  • 30 sec exposure
  • f/27 20 mm
  • ISO 200

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