365 Day Photograph Challenge: November 2017

Making the most of and capturing a variety of different photos with a smartphone camera.


The Samsung GX-1S didn’t get any outings in November 2017 apart from a weekend trip to Durham Lumiere Festival. As the festival was busy and I was with family there simply wasn’t time to take photographs. Therefore, the GX-1S was officially retired this month as I upgraded to a Nikon D7200. It is all very exciting! It is also challenging as with a new piece of kit, to an extent, one is taken back to the start as one has to learn where all the buttons/menus/functions etc are. I am enjoying the challenge of learning how to use the more powerful enthusiast level DSLR. For now, here are my favourite phone pics captured in November 2017.


3rd November 2017 – Autumn Leaves Morpeth Promenade

03 Nov

Whilst out taking some fresh air, I looked up and was impressed by the street light shining through the autumnal leaves. Not bad for a phone photo.

4th November 2017 – Sunset Dogger Bank

04 Nov

Another walk through Morpeth. Sunset looking Dogger Bank on the Mitford Road.

9th November 2017 – Leazes Park, Newcastle upon Tyne

09 Nov

This park is the oldest in Newcastle having opened its gates in 1873. I was briefly a Friend of Leazes Park in 2012. The park backs onto St James’ Park football stadium. The park is very popular in the summer with students and local residents and is a great city oasis.

10th November 2017 – Sanderson Arcade Morpeth

10 Nov

The pediment suggests that the arcade opened in 1939. While it is true that the façade that is seen today is typical of Art Deco design, the arcade was not opened until 1954 due to WWII. All that remains of the arcade is the original façade. Everything behind it was demolished and redeveloped during 2008/09. Joanna Lumley OBE of Ab Fab fame (amongst others) officially reopened the arcade in November 2009. Although the façade may not be an exceptional piece of Art Deco architecture (albeit quite late Art Deco), it was the most architecturally pleasing aspect of the old building and I am pleased that it was retained.

16th November 2017 – Christmas Lights

16 Nov

These lights were being tested for the official switch on.

18th November 2017 – Durham Lumiere Festival

18 Nov

Durham riverside lit up with the cathedral behind. I would have loved to have had time to have set up the DSLR for this, but alas, there was no time! I was very envious of the enthusiasts who had all night and had set up camp to watch the show.

19th November 2017 – Puppy Rosie

19 Nov

Another exciting journey I embarked on in 2017 was becoming a dog owner for the first time. Here’s puppy Rosie aged 8 weeks old on 19th November. She’s a cockapoo and has the most innocent looking face! Very cute.

30th November 2017 – St John Lee Church near Acomb

30 Nov.jpg

A very cold day. I was collecting a package from a company based in Acomb and stopped off at St John Lee Church as I had never visited it before. Although there has been a church on this site for many centuries, the present building dates from 1818 and is the design of the famous architect, John Dobson. The chancel (east end) is a later addition by W. S. Hicks of Newcastle in 1886. Half an hour after I took this photo (at about midday), the pristine blue sky was covered in heavy snow clouds. It snowed for most the rest of the day.

21st November 2017 – First Time Shooting with the Nikon D7200

21 Nov.JPG

17th century clock mechanism. I’m already enjoying the better light quality compared with the GX-1S. The light looks gorgeous in this photo.

  • Nikon D7200
  • 1/60 sec exposure
  • f/3.5 18 mm
  • ISO 4500